Become an investor of DAO ARK

$1.2 million
550+ investors

$1.2 million
550+ investors

International Investment Fund and an ark for your investments

International Investment Fund and an ark for your investments

Save and grow your money by investing anonymously and safely. From anywhere in the world

Become an investor of DAO ARK

Showing how easy it is to be an investor and participate in fund management DAO ARK

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1) Quick and easy login to the app by face. No sms or email confirmations
2) In addition to Face ID, you can also enable 4 more levels of protection
3) Each member of the foundation has GT tokens. These tokens simultaneously give the ability to manage DAO ARK and display the reputation of the participant.
1 GT = 1000 ARK Coin
4) A participant can propose initiative to have the fund invest their money in it
5) The participant backs up the initiative with their GT tokens. This serves as a guarantee
6) When the initiative is created, all DAO participants are notified
7) DAO ARK participants vote for or against the initiative
8) Money leaves when the initiative is approved by a vote of the foundation
9) On a designated date, the fund evaluates the outcome of the investment. Depending on it, there is a change in the initiative owner's GT-Reputation chart. If the result is positive, the GT is returned
Become an investor of DAO ARK

Fund achievements

$1,2 million
550+ holders
token holders
from 14 countries
of the world
7 projects,
initial funding
from the fund
by the foundation
25 people
in the fund's team

The token (share of the fund) always tells about the effectiveness of the fund

The token (share of the fund) always tells about the effectiveness of the fund

ARK coin token chart

ARK coin
ARK coins (4,2%)
Dividend Volume
for June 2023
ARK coin
in a future round
(May 2023)
ARK Coin cost stages:
April 15 = 0,0025$
June 3 = 0,0028$
October 7 = 0,003$
December 2022 = 0,0035$
March 2023 = 0,005$
June 2023 = 0,02$

Which projects the foundation has allocated $850,000 to

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A private firm mines gold in the Kyrgyz Republic, Karator

Fund invested: $200,000
DAO ARK receives dividends and a share of Karator
Date of deposit: 11 June 2022
Expected annual return:
11 July 2023, 10-15%, 20,000-30,000 USDT
11 July 2024, 10-15%, 20,000-30,000 USDT


IT developments organizing and monetizing the DAO ARK fund: ARK Consensus, Ark Wallet, ARK Face ID, Ark Defense, Ark Investment, etc.

Fund invested: $200,000
Investment Date: 1 June 2022
Expected annual return: 100-250%

Merlin Clone

Purchase of share of IT company Merlin Clone

Fund invested: $150,000
Investment Date: November 2022
Expected annual return: 30%-100%

Samotsvet Kyrgyzstan

Short-term loan to mining company for working capital

Fund invested: $100,000
Investment Date: November 2022
Expected annual return: 30-35%
* 3% per month to DAO ARK account

IT company - XDAO

The tokens of the XDAO platform have been purchased. IT company deals with DAO registration and management

Fund invested: $50,000
Investment Date: October 2022
Expected annual return: 50-150%

Marketing ARK

Marketing solutions to attract investment in DAO ARK fund and IT products ARK: creating websites, presentations and social networks. Also for the development of YouTube channel

Fund invested: $100,000
Investment Date: 3 August 2022
Start of active phase: 16 August 2022
Return on investment: March 2023
Expected rate of return: 10-15x
Expected return: $2.5M

YouTube Channel

A channel for attracting a target audience to ARK IT products: Ark Wallet and Ark Consensus. Also for advertising sales

Fund invested: $50,000
Date of deposit: 3 August 2022
Expected annual return: 50-150%

The fund development plan for 2022-2023

23,6% - IT and FinTech in the cryptoindustry
23,5% - Gold mining
35,3% - Real Estate
17,6% - Media platforms

December 2022 - April 2023:
Raising $2.5 million in investments from global funds

May-July 2023:
Private round raising $10 million

August-November 2023:
Public token sale of $40 million

December 2023 - February 2024:
Listed on exchanges raising more than $40 million

Become an investor of DAO ARK

To achieve the goals of the DAO ARK we have created crypto-technologies

To achieve the goals of the DAO ARK we have created crypto-technologies

ARK Wallet

The most secure and simple cryptocurrency wallet for storing and investing crypto

ARK Consensus

Platform for fair and transparent management of DAO ARK

ARK Face ID 2.0

Technology for securely logging into a crypto wallet by face from any device

ARK Investment

Crowdfunding platform, where members of the DAO ARK can:
a) choose where to invest the fund's money
b) propose their initiatives

ARK Cash Machine

The easiest tool for passive investing. Cryptocurrency that just lies in the account yields 5-10% p.a. and is available for withdrawal at any time

ARK Defence 2.0

5 levels of protection of cryptocurrency users' money

ARK Coin

Fund cryptocurrency that gives you the opportunity to earn money passively and receive dividends


A power token that gives access to community resources and the ability to vote and propose initiatives.

All the technology
is in one place, in your
mobile app
Become an investor of DAO ARK

Technologies helped do what every investor in the world dreams of doing

Security ->
so no one can steal your money
Flexibility ->
instant access to money anywhere in the world
Stability ->
so that the money does not depreciate and always grows slowly
Anonymity ->
so that no one life-threatening and stalking
Profitability ->
so that the money itself work for you
Transparency ->
so you can have peace of mind and to know where your money is invested
Conventional funds, stock markets, currencies and precious metals
cannot give that to the modern investor
Someone can always steal or confiscate your money
It's hard to invest. It's hard to keep

That's why we created DAO ARK

We have created an infrastructure for investing that will be the safest place, in any, even the most unstable times

Money of all investors is in the system of crypto-accounts

The money can only be accessed by passing a number of checks and through a vote of 51% of all participants

All investment decisions in DAO ARK are made by voting, there is no centralized power

This is possible thanks to blockchain technology and smart contracts that protect the money from theft

Even if a thief gets past the security system, he will only have access to a small portion of the money. In order to get the next tranche, he must prove to the audit commission that the first part of the money was spent for the benefit of the foundation

Become an investor of DAO ARK

Every member of DAO ARK can:

Invest in DAO ARK fund and earn passively, receiving dividends from each token
Propose initiatives and request funding from the fund
Vote on initiatives worth funding
Transparently see all community activities, from proposed initiatives to the movement of funds
Delegate their vote to another DAO ARK member you trust
Open a dispute against initiatives of other DAO ARK members
Want to try out the system with a minimum deposit?
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Want to try out the system with a minimum deposit?
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Become an investor of DAO ARK

How to become DAO ARK Fund investor in 3 steps

Become an investor of DAO ARK


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Ivan Limarev
CEO and founder "DAO ARK"
Dmitry Hardrade
Product & Project
Ramil Faradgev
Marketing Director
Sergey BSE
UX/UI Designer
Kirill Alekseev
Head of
SMM Department
Stas John Doe
Social Media
Mikhail SHCH
& Support
Become an investor of DAO ARK